BARF Raw Dog Food

... the Way Nature Intended Raw Dog Food

Did You Say BARF?

BARF is an acronym for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. For Dogs & Cats: It is a complete and carefully balanced blend of raw meat, fruits, vegetable and bone. Our barf raw dog food mimics what nature has designed our pet's to thrive on in the wild. The result is a pet free of allergies and digestive problems! Give your dog a bone today ... go raw! 

Are Your Dog’s Allergies Out Of Control?

Allergies and skin and coat problems are the most common health issues our pets face today … it doesn’t have to be that way. A few small changes to your dog’s diet can DRASTICALLY reduce the chronic problems your pet is suffering from. Make the switch to better nutrition. Switch your dog to RAW! 

Raw Dog Food Delivered Fresh

Raw Fresh Dog FoodRaw dog food diets replicate what Mother Nature has intended our dog's to thrive on in the wild. The result is a pet free of allergies, upset tummies and full of life!

Learn About  Raw Diets for Dogs

barfworld allergy blendEndless Mountain Allergy Blend

Endless Mountain Allergy Blend is great for those poor itchy pets who need some relief and have tried everything western medicine has to offer-but with no help! It works great on hot spots and rashes and it prevents your dog from itching and biting themselves no matter what kind of skin irritation is causing it!
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Endless Mountain Allergy Blend

Why should I feed my dog raw food?

Living Enzymes are found in raw foods and help the body function. Enzymes are only beneficial if they are living. Cooked and processed food no longer contains living enzymes. Consuming cooked and processed foods put stress on the pancreas to produce the necessary proteins to function. Dogs will replenish their enzymes systems by eating raw unprocessed foods.

The Benefits of BARF

  Raw Food for Dogs - Rios StoryA New Coat!
"I saw a complete change in Rio's skin..."
Read About Rio

Dog Supplements For All Diets

BARFWorld Diets for DogsDog moms and dads make sure to include BARF Supplements as part their pet's daily meals. Think of it as supplemental life insurance for your pet.

Learn More About Feeding Raw

Jumpstart eBarf SupplementJump-Start Bundle

Use BARF World's Jump-Start Bundle the first 30 days when switching to raw to give your dog's digestive & immune systems a quick boost! Made with mostly organic ingredients, this newly improved green super-food supplement supercharges your dog’s immune system and can help to improve digestion.
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Buy EBarfPlus & Salmon Oil

What causes my dog to have hot spots and itchy skin?

There are several possible triggers that can cause the itchy skin and hot spots many dogs suffer with.  Toxic chemicals from preservatives in dry dog food, shampoos and drugs, hard to digest ingredients in dry dog food such as wheat and corn and environmental pollution are just a few of the reasons your dog can suffer. Stress is also a major trigger for many dogs.

Healthy Skin and Coat

 Raw Food for Dogs - Sheena's StoryGoodbye Hot Spots!
"She completely turned
around for the better..."
Read About Sheena

Dog Chews For Healthy Teeth

BARF Frozen Raw Dog FoodWe love to spoil our dogs while at the same time maintaining their healthy lifestyle. BARF Treats & Chews are selected because they are healthy & nutritious!

Raw Diet for Dogs

Essential Oils for DogsEndless Mountain Therapeutic Starter Kit

A sample of Endless Mt. Oils, most popular healing products! This starter kit will allow you to sample our favorite products that help heal. These products help with skin irritation, ear issues, anxiety, and wound care. This is an all around kit that will help mend your dog whenever they need it! Great for traveling!
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Essential Oils Blend For Dogs

Is it safe to feed my dog raw dog food?

You want your dog to live a long, healthy and active life -avoid feeding your dog cooked and/or processed foods. Feed raw. It is much safer than kibble. Far safer than diets based on cooked grains, dry food fillers and kibble. Don't be lured by claims on the bags that claim  "Real Meat" or "All Natural Rice and Chicken Formula." Please read the ingredients on the back of the bag.

Raw Food Safety

 Raw Food for Dogs - Noahs StoryNo More Sneezing!
"Noah could not stop itching & his attitude was bad..." Read About Noah

Free Shipping - Auto BARF Raw Dog FoodGET FREE SHIPPING ON ALL OF YOUR BARF DOG FOOD ORDERS! To sign up Call 1-866-282-2273 and provide them with AF Code 1212. Automatic shipping easy and convenient! Your shipping plan is customized to fit to your family's specific needs. Enrolling only takes a quick few minutes and let's you enjoy the benefits of the BARF Raw Dog Food diet without the worry of running out of food or freezer space. Join the of other dedicated pet parents who have made the same great choice. Your pet deserves a healthy raw food diet and your family deserves a happy pet!

The BARF Dog Food Diet concept is not new - especially to our dogs. This simple and ancient "philosophy" has kept dogs happy and healthy for centuries. The healthiest diet for dogs is the one their ancestors ate: fresh, raw meat.               

Although it disappeared in the late 1930's in the United States - when processed dog foods such as canned foods and kibble became popular - dedicated pet owners rediscovered the nutritious and easy to use  FROZEN RAW DOG FOOD DIET.